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Laura Reiter

Laura is a contemporary, semi-abstract artist who has successfully shown and sold her work for a number of years, having first gained a BA in painting and an MA in print-making.
She describes her work as a ‘journey’, enjoying the activity of making her artwork so that the process of this journey is as important as the finished piece itself.
She loves colour and likes to play with the interaction of colour and also textures on the surface of the painting.
Her inspiration comes from both travels to exciting and exotic places such as Morocco, Vietnam, India and South Africa – and also closer to home, working from drawings and many photographs which provide a ‘memory’ of the sights and visual excitement she has felt.
She also likes to work with still life, being attracted to quirky, colourful and patterned objects and also natural forms such as flowers. She composes as she goes, stylizing objects and creating strong and dynamic compositions which she says allows the paintings themselves to become the object rather than the objects themselves.
She has also written two books – Learn to Paint Abstracts and Painting Accessible Abstracts.