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Julie Wrathall

My name is Julie Wrathall and I am an artist who lives in Hertfordshire. I love drawing and painting with any medium, and in any style.

I grew up, and still have family in Cornwall, and therefore particularly love Cornish costal scenes, they evoke such emotions within me to the point I can hear and smell the beach even from Hertfordshire! Capturing reflections on water and moods of the sky, regardless of which medium I am using, gives me great joy.

More recently I have encountered Encaustic Wax, which again, I love. The light and depth you can obtain using this medium has provided me with endless hours of fascination and wonder.

My hope is that whilst viewing my art, you gain a fraction of the enjoyment I had creating it.

Here is how the Encaustic Wax process works...

Melted encaustic wax is applied to paper or board, with a paint brush, hot iron and heat gun, it can be applied in a thin single layer and manipulated according to the desired finish, or you can build it up in layers, allowing the addition, of leaves, twigs, sand, butterflies, feathers and a variety of mixed media. The layered method is fabulous as you can drizzle and splatter wax medium on, making a 3D effect, scratch designs back out to reveal layers underneath, or add oil paints and additional coloured wax to create sensual textured designs.

The encaustic medium in the layered pictures is made up from a mixture of beeswax and damar resin, which allows the wax to set to a very hard finish, the layers are fused together with a heat source and each design is finished off with a specialist wax sealer.

Encaustic wax has been around for over 2,000 years, the Egyptians notably used it as a painting medium on the Fayum Mummy panels, it has seen a resurgence in popularity amongst artists since the 1990's.

Each picture has the initials JAG for Julie Ann's Gallery, or Julie Ann Gregory, my maiden name, etched, or painted on the front of the picture, in addition, each piece is signed and dated on the back of the picture, and the back of the frame, with a small purple butterfly, which accompanies every piece of my work.